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Ulf Ekman is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden. The church has 2,000 members, has an extensive Missions Program, runs a number of educational facilities and produces books in several languages, audiotapes and videos containing faith inspiring teaching. In Russia alone 5 million books have been distributed. Ulf Ekman regularly holds seminars for pastors and other Christian leaders in many different nations.



Russell Plilar is pastor of Seedtime and Harvest Church in San Diego, California, U.S.A. He is a man of faith and a tremendous teacher of God's Word. The message he delivers to his local community and throughout the world brings reformation, hope, and restoration to the Body of Christ, and causes positive change in the lives he ministers to. Pastor Plilar has a heart for God's people - desiring to see them fulfill God's highest purpose and plan for their lives. Russell Plilar's travels include China, Russia, India, New Zealand, and many European, Scandinavian, and Eastern Block countries.



Benny Hinn is a healing evangelist, Bible teacher and the founder of Benny Hinn Ministries , which holds Miracle Crusades around the world and in the United States. Benny Hinn's ministry reaches millions of homes via his half-hour TV program "This is Your Day", and recently started TV program "Manna from Heaven". He is also a noted author with several best-selling books as "Good Morning Holy Spirit" and "The Anointing".



Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries, is one of the leading Bible teachers in the world. She has become much appreciated for her teaching that is simple and positive and focuses on how you can live a sound and victorious everyday life by applying biblical principles. She is also an author of some 70 books that have been spread all over the world and helped millions of people to find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. More than two thirds of the world can also watch and listen to her TV and radio program "Enjoying Everyday Life". Recently she was selected by Time magazine as one of the most influential evangelical leaders in America.In addition to spreading the gospel, planting churches and training spiritual leaders, the work includes among other things several orphanages, humanitarian aid, feeding programs, schools, outreaches to the homeless and much more.



Colin Dye is the pastor of Kensington Temple church in London. He has an anointed evangelistic calling and numerous miracles of God has been seen through his ministry work. Kensington Temple is a very strongly growing multi-cultural church applying the G12-method of building and multiplying cell groups and training leaders.



Kong Hee is the pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore. The church is strongly growing with currently over 20,000 members. Pastor Kong is known for his dynamic faith preaching. For the very past years the church has focused to missionary work in South-East Asia, especially in China. Kong's wife Sun is a very well known singer and together they have arranged evangelical concerts, where tens of thousands of people have received Christ as their Savior.



Phil Pringle is Founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church Oxford Falls in Australia and Founder and President of the Christian City Church International movement of churches around the world. Phil speaks in a variety of Conference and church situations around the world. The church at Oxford Falls also runs several Colleges; School of Ministry, School of Creative Arts (including dance, drama, music, song writing, singing, visual arts, film and video) and School of Pastoral Care & Counselling. Phil's vision is to build a growing church and movement of churches that are relevant to today's world, through bringing salvation to lost people and teaching people how to be disciples of Christ.



Joakim Lundqvist is the director of Word of Life Bible Centre and leader of the student organisation New Generation in Uppsala. He has a calling to bring Jesus into the schools of Sweden. His preaching challenges to radical christian lifestyle and a life committed to others. Both old and young generation has been touched from the encouraging teachings of Joakim Lundqvist.



Bayless Conley pastors Cottonwood Christian Center , a thriving church located in Orange County, California. His television program, Answers with Bayless Conley, airs on television in over 100 nations worldwide. A frequent speaker for Christian conferences both here and abroad, Bayless Conley is known for his clear, practical presentation of the gospel. Consistently fresh insights mark his proclamation of God's truth, and his messages powerfully bring the life-changing truth of God's Word into everyday lives.



Robert Ekh is the leader and pastor of Livets Ord -church in Uppsala. He has studied in the Rhema Bible Training Center in USA during 1980s. Previously he has worked in the Bible school, tv-broadcasts and in administrational positions wihin the church. Robert Ekh is a close colleague of Ulf Ekman and one of the founding members of Livets Ord church together with pastor Ekman.



Carl-Gustaf Severin, Livets Ord, is a missionary, pioneer and an internationally experienced preacher, who has seen thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus. God has manifested many miracles through Severin's ministry work for the Kingdom of God. His preaching travels include mainly former Soviet rebublics, and he is a highly appreciated speaker. Severin powerfully preaches the gospel with colorful descriptions of the experiences from the fields of the preaching travels.



John Bevere and his wife Lisa Bevere founded the John Bevere Ministries (1990), which currently operates internationally. John Bevere käsittelee puheissaan ja monissa kirjoittamissaan kirjoissa elämää Jumalan läheisyydessä. Monia hänen kirjojaan on käännetty jopa 60 eri kielelle. Beveren palvelutehtävä pitää sisällään myös viikottain lähetettävän televisio-ohjelman"The Messenger".

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