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Ulf Ekman - How to Increase the Spiritual Warmth, Parts 1-3    

In this world there are so many things which are disturbing us, but in God we have peace and He is the source of life. He has given you the joy of life and the warmth in which He wants you to live in. Maria found Jesus and sat down. Martha found being engaged in action, in what she was doing. David says that when he finds Him, he will not ask for anything more; "And I have no delight or desire on earth besides You", in Psalm 73:25. There are situations where Jesus comes to cover it all. When I find Him, I have found all. It is about being connected with Him. When you have found the connection to Him, you have found it all. The deep fullness in God and connection to God is reality.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Ari Laxström

NEWEST IN ARCHIVE (with Closed Captions)    
Robert Ekh - "Jeesus - God and Brother", Parts 1-2    

We can learn to know God from with dimensions. The first dimension is his works. His doings, power, miracles, answered prayers, blessings. The second dimension is his thoughts. His will and purpose for his works. The third dimension: his person, who he really is? He wants us to search him, so that we could find his being in our life and our own experience.
Robert Ekh

Translated by Maria Salo

Ulf Ekman - The Healing Ministry of the Church,
Parts 1-7

God has a purpose on our life. When Saul, the Paul, met Jesus on the way to Damaskos, he asked Jesus: "What do you want me to do?". Learn more about God's purpose on the life of believer.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Jaakko Ahvenainen

Ulf Ekman - to Live Visions and Dreams,
Parts 1-7

Vision in the ministry is what the Lord wants to speak to a church or to the group of churches. Within this vision exist personal dreams and words from God, supporting each other. Personal dream functions within the vision of the church. That vision has a corporate anointing with fruitful corporate results.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Teija Sundqvist

Joakim Lundqvist - Step Out of the Boat, Parts 1-3    

God wants to equip the church to be able to accomplish its work. He also wants to prepare the world to receive the gospel. Here is the double miracle: the supernaturally equipped church and the supernaturally prepared world. The awakening will come when the Spirit filled church gets connected with prepared world to receive the gospel of Jesus.
Joakim Lundqvist

Translated by Maria Salo

Ulf Ekman - Seed and Harvest, Parts 1-3    
  We sow because of the foundational relationship with God. God has given us and we give to him. God provides continually to our lives. At some point I will respond to that, being a Christian. I give him my attention, prayer and worship, obedience, sensitiveness. I sow financial seeds and trust him also financially.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Maria Salo, Ari Laxström
Ulf Ekman - Your Calling, Parts 1-4    
  We have been called to salvation. In the new birth man receives Jesus in his/her heart. After that we step into sanctification and through salvation we enter into heaven. We have been called to walk with Jesus with the rest of our lives.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Tomi Peltoniemi

John Bevere - Eternity in our Hearts, Parts 1-4    
  The last generation, which Bible is telling about in the books of Joel, Peter and Luke, will be living in its calling. It has to be this generation!
John Bevere

Translated by Lilian Peltoniemi
Carl-Gustaf Severin - It is never wrong to be a teetotaller, Parts 1-3    

I was sitting in one apartment with my good friend. The owner was living a good life and had a secretary position in one of the largest hospitals in Sweden. But, then she started to drink one glass of wine, two glasses, three glasses, and now she is sitting in her apartment - beaten, messed up, the apartment full of wine bottles in turmoil. A skillfull and talented person, who was now breaking apart...
Carl-Gustaf Severin

Translated by Ari Laxström

Ulf Ekman - Life in the Fullness of God's Promises, Parts 1-4    

Blessing means 'life, to flourish, growth, abundance, peace, connection in God's plan', which grows from generation to generation. God has a purpose for us - to bless and receive the blessing in obedience.
Ulf Ekman

Translated by Ari Laxström

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